Chairman of Biotecan Pharma, Dr. Lou, Was Awarded "Zhang Jiang Outstanding Talents"


Dr. Jingwei Lou (the board chairman of Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.) was honored with the fifth “Zhangjiang Outstanding Talents” in the just closed ceremony for electing “Zhangjiang Talents”.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Hightech Park was founded in 1992. After 25 years of development, the Park has built the framework of biopharmaceutical innovation chain, integrated circuit industry chain and software industry chain. The Park has also built National Shanghai biomedical science and technology industry base, National information industry base, National integrated circuit industry base, National semiconductor lighting industry base, National 863 information security achievements industrialization base, National software base, National cultural industry demonstration base, National online animation industry development base etc. Shanghai Zhangjiang Hightech Park has been famous internationally for being “The Silicon and Medicine Valley in China”!

So far, the Park has gathered over 360 thousand talented personnels including 24 academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Science, more than 400 top talents, more than 4300 foreign talents, and more than 7500 returned overseas talents. These talents have contributed a lot for scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of Zhangjiang, Shanghai. Recently, Zhangjiang has taken the strategic mission of Shanghai building the globe-impacting Sci&Tech innovation center and Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center. To achieve this goal, Zhangjiang needs to further collect talents in the fields of high-tech, industry and management from the globe. The Park plan to launch “ The chief 500 Zhangjiang Scientists plan”, “The famous scientists led development plan”, “ The Zhangjiang entrepreneurial elite talent plan”, “Zhangjiang overseas 20000 talents plan” etc., to promote the building of Zhangjiang international experimental talent area.

In recognition of outstanding contributions made by Zhangjiang Park’s talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, as of now, the Zhangjiang Park has held 5 yearly “Zhangjiang talents” elections in a row, selecting a total of 30 “outstanding talents” and 80 “great talents”, with “outstanding talents” rating as the top honor.


Dr. Lou (left four) participated in the awarding of “Zhangjiang outstanding talents”.


Dr. Lou was honored with the “Zhangjiang outstanding talents” award.



Jingwei Lou  Dr 

Obtained the doctoral degree from the Second Military Medical University of China.

Postdoctoral fellow at City of Hope National Medical Center, California, USA

Board chair of Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals. Co. Ltd.

General manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang R&D center of translational medicine

Shanghai “Pujiang talents”

Shanghai “Zhangjiang outstanding talents”

At 2008, Dr. Lou came back to China and founded Biotecan Pharma. After 9 years of hard work, Biotecan has developed into a biomed high-tech industrial group with 17 subsidiaries, including the completion of the comprehensive innovation system of medical precision detection, medical big data, and medical high-tech translational industry. Biotecan has become the leading enterprise in the field of clinical and molecular diagnosis. Every milestone of Biotecan development is inseparable from the support of Zhangjiang.


Currently Biotecan is vigorously involved in the 10X1000 plan, which aims to collect more than 1000 cases of clinical and following data, genomic data, proteomic data and metabolite data etc. from the top 10 common tumors and single diseases in China. By collaborating with the second military medical university, Fudan university, Shanghai Jiaotong university, Harvard university and Stanford university, Biotecan intergrates the most cutting-edge techniques of diagnosis, disease monitor and creative treatment to build the whole new model for precision medical application.

At the same time, Biotecan would contribute to build a common developing platform for the medical big data industry. Based on the physical location of the First Shanghai Center, gathering all necessary critical factors, Biotecan would operate the medical big data creative space, develop the intelligent medical application system, and facilitate the fusion of precision medicine and internet, to build the high-tech industrial group for medical big health and help Zhangjiang build the globally impactful medical big data industrial center.

Getting selected into “Zhangjiang outstanding talents” on the occasion of Zhangjiang High-tech Park 25th anniversary celebration is a great affirmation for Dr. Jingwei Lou chairman’s great achievements for the past 9 years. Moreover, it is also a great affirmation for Biotecan’s innovation mode and industrial development. In the future, Biotecan would grow together with Zhangjiang and adhere to the concept of “Respect for innovation, respect for talents, respect for the market”, to dedicate to the progress of the country’s medical health undertakings!

Biotecan is looking forward to realizing the medical dream of the “Chinese dream” with your sincere witness!

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