Academic, Industrial Cooperation Leads Precision Medicine


Biomedicine and healthcare have long been among the most important industries of the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Shanghai. In recent years, Zhangjiang has been establishing public service platforms to further serve the development of its coreindustries.

It also formed an industrialization system for biopharmaceutical products by integrating products, technology and bioreactors.

The Zhangjiang zone has constantly promoted the application of big data technology in the healthcare industry and the development precision medicine.

In recent years, precision medicine has become a buzzword around the world's healthcare and medical circles. It incorporates customized healthcare through medical decisions,practices and products, which are tailored to the individual's needs.

China has also been embracing precision medicine in a larger scale with a number of medical organizations, academic institutions and enterprises involved in the field. The Chinese government has also been preparing related projects to develop more targeted diagnosesand treatments for specific diseases through advanced medical science and technology.


"The essence of precision medicine is the result of the integration ofbiotech and digital technology. It is used to analyze and dig into medicaldata. A new era of medical science has been unveiled," said Lou Jingwei, president of Biotecan Biomedical Technology Co Ltd, one of Zhangjiang'senterprises focusing on precision medicine and medical big data.

The company has been collecting massive stores of genetic and clinical performance data to support treatment procedures since its establishment in 2008. It  specializes in the integration and analysis ofmedical data, precision medicine, drug testing and translational medicalresearch.

In addition to participating in construction of the Zhangjiang Innovation Demonstration Medical Big Data Service Platform in 2014, the company has also worked to create the world's largest hospital lab network inChina.

It has built more than 80 molecular  medical diagnostic centers across thecountry, according to Lou.

Lou added that the company has collected large amounts of esophagealcancer samples and has conducted genome sequencing on more than 1,000 of its 507,000 samples.

Apart from oesophageal cancer, Biotecan also has a significant amount of data on diseases such as pancreatic, prostate and liver cancers.

In a bid to better analyze medical big data, Biotecan cooperated with Shanghai's FudanUniversity to establish the Fudan Zhangjiang Clinical  Gene Research Center in 2013.

It also established a scientific research network with the best hospitals in the country. A huge amount of medical data is produced from labs and big data centers in the network, providing a solid foundation for Biotecan's research and development.

The development of genomics, metabolomics and proteomics allows physicians to design more effective treatment plans for most patients, which in turn aids in the development of precision medicine, Lou said.

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