Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Baiyin investigated Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Corporation


On October 19th, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Baiyin, Gansu province, Zhang Zhiquan and others investigated our company for attracting investments. Accompanied by department heads of Baiyin Government, Baiyin High-tech Zone Management Committee, Innovation Office. The Lou JingWei Chairman received them.


In the discussion, the Lou JingWei Chairman warmly welcomed Zhang Secretary, and made brief introduction of company's situation and development history.


The Lou JingWei Chairman said, the company was founded in 2008, lasted for eight years, the company had built largest hospital laboratory network in the world. This network provided solid foundation for Medical Big Data Center construction.

Our company own Advanced International Technology Center, Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Precision Medical Data Center, Precision Medical Master Studio (Innovation Base of Academician Results), Precision Health Management Center, Medical States - Precision Medical Big Data unicorn factory, and other industry sectors. Government-industry-university-research drived together, promoted steady and rapid development of company.

In recent years, the company improved enterprise management mode continuously. By implemented delicacy management and marketable operation, sales revenue and profit increased largely, opened a new era of company development history.


Our company paid high attention to Zhang Secretary's visit, and Lou Chairman said we will do the project docking actively, discussed the possibility of cooperation in related areas, realized common development and win-win cooperation.


Secretary Zhang Zhiquan appreciated warm reception to our company, and gave high praise for company development. At the same time, Zhang Secretary introduced briefly economic development, local customs and practices of Baiyin City. And sincerely invited company made investment in Baiyin City, collectively constructed National Western Precision Medical Big Data Center.

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